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Men's silk underwear offers a luxurious look, but often at a steep price--and it requires more care than you probably plan to devote to your underwear. If you're searching for a similar style of men's underwear that looks and feels almost as good, you can find a wide assortment at Skiviez. Whether you prefer the relaxed feeling of boxer shorts, the ample support of jock straps, or the enhancing effects of some pouch briefs, you can find sexy alternatives to silk underwear for men in our online store.

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A lot of the men's underwear in our collection will help you turn up the heat even more than you could in silk underwear for men. Rather than hiding your body in men's silk underwear, show off the fruits of your workouts in the jock straps and thongs we carry. Going way beyond basic cotton underwear, we carry spandex blends, bamboo and modal blends to hug your body and highlight every ripple.

While some guys prefer to show off as much of their bodies as they can in their underwear, others opt to be more subtle for tempting their partners. We sell low rise briefs and trunks from designers including 2xist and CIN2. These styles are available in many vivid colors and prints so you can add more variety to your men's underwear collection than you would with more men's silk underwear. If you'd like help picking a new fabric and cut to try, our staff is available to help. Send an email to and one of our experts will be happy to give you some advice.

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