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Whether you want to look your best for a partner or for yourself, there are many styles of mens sexy underwear that can boost your confidence. At Skiviez, we have searched the world to bring together a selection of mens sexy underwear from more than two dozen designers. You'll find popular styles from well-known names including Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, as well as provocative styles from Baskit, C-IN2 and Joe Snyder. From mens spandex underwear that accentuates the shape of your legs to mens sexy underwear that shows as much as possible, every guy can find a style that helps him look and feel great.

Find Mens Sexy Underwear to Suit Your Style

If you're looking for more conventional underwear that has a sexy twist, you can browse our selection of low rise trunks and briefs. Many of these designs incorporate spandex for both comfort and fit. Like other mens spandex underwear, these trunks hug your body so that you can show off the results of hours in the gym and keep everything snug and in place.

On our site you'll fine mens underwear made from a number of other materials, including cotton, bamboo fibers and nylon. Mens nylon underwear from designers like Papi offers a sexy shine and a perfect fit. Among the mens nylon underwear styles available from Papi are hot looks in trunks, thongs and briefs. These pieces are available in a myriad of colors, from basic white and black to more playful blue and red. If you have questions about how any of our mens sexy underwear will fit you, you can reach our staff by email at

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