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If you're tired of browsing through a boring selection of boxers and briefs at your local department store, spice things up with men's sexy underwear from a specialty store. Trunks offer the same essential coverage as boxers and boxer briefs, but reveal more of your legs if you're proud of your muscles there. Sport briefs also show off more, and when you're doing something active they keep you dry and don't obstruct your motion. At Skiviez, we collected all the styles of hot men's underwear we could find so you can choose what to conceal and what to reveal when you want to look your best.

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In addition to styles that offer ample coverage, we have a number of men's erotic underwear designs meant to cover nothing but the bare minimum. For guys who like to show off, we suggest men's sexy underwear from Joe Snyder, including thongs, string bikinis and jock straps. These pieces keep your package in place and keep jeans or wool pants from chafing, but they're sure to provoke a response when you get undressed. With enhancing men's erotic underwear from Joe Snyder, Andrew Christian and C-IN2, you can add volume to your endowment and look even better.

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, consider our selection of sexy costumes from Candyman. Whether you want to play the naughty prisoner, sexy devil, lonesome cowboy or disciplinary police officer, you'll find hot men's underwear to help you get in character. To find out about our shipping and payment options for our men's sexy underwear, email us today at

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