Men's Bikini Underwear

Though boxers and briefs may remain the most common styles of men's underwear, the assortment available to guys has grown significantly to include sexy designs like men's bikini underwear and men's thong underwear. Whether you're looking for a couple of men's bikinis for a weekend getaway or are searching for fashion basics for your wardrobe, you'll find a broad selection at Skiviez. We carry more than 30 brands and more than 10 different styles of underwear, so you can always look your best whether you're heading to the office, working out, going out or staying in for the night.

Browse Men's Bikini Underwear by Brand

At Skiviez, you can browse the selection by the type of underwear or by the brand. Among the brands of men's bikini underwear and low rise underwear available in our online store are:

  • Baskit
  • Gigo
  • Hanro
  • Obviously
  • Unico

If you like a particular style, you'll be happy to find that we likely have it in colors and patterns that can add variety to your wardrobe. Among the men's bikinis offered by Baskit, for example, you'll find bikini briefs with bright contrast piping around the legs and on the waistband. We also carry mesh men's bikini underwear from Baskit that is perfect for sports and more active pursuits. These pieces feature boldly colored pouches that stand out and will keep you dry. If you have questions about the men's bikinis or men's thong underwear available in our online store, you can contact us by email at

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