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With mens athletic underwear, you can maintain a full range of motion without sacrificing the support that you need. Many men end up wearing briefs from their local mens underwear store or department store just because briefs provide more support than boxer shorts. Despite the support offered by "tighty whitey" mens underwear, briefs can be uncomfortable and may not flatter your body. Skiviez is an online mens underwear store, here to rescue you from the unfashionable past with a large selection of mens athletic underwear available from designers who understand that you're going to the gym to get sexy and see no reason why you shouldn't look your best while you're there.

Find Many Styles of Mens Athletic Underwear at Skiviez

Among the styles of mens athletic underwear available in our online store are sports briefs in lots of great colors and prints. These are cut higher on the leg than other mens underwear briefs, allowing you a full range of motion for the most rigorous activities. Many sports briefs are made from advanced fabrics that help wick moisture away from the skin so that you'll stay comfortable, even when you sweat. If you're looking for more support than briefs can provide, jock straps are the next step in mens athletic underwear. You'll find supportive and fashionable jock straps from designers including 2xist, Andrew Christian, Gigo and Gregg Homme.

You can choose from basic designs that offer superior support and erotic styles that have very little to do with working out. If you want to find out specifics about any of the apparel in our store, you can reach our staff by email at

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