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Men searching for boxer briefs that provide them with both the support they need and the additional coverage that they prefer will find a number of styles available from Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein offers a wide range of men's underwear, ranging from jock straps to traditional boxers and briefs. The company employs high quality cotton in a number of their designs, some of which include spandex to enable them to stretch. Other CK styles are made from microfibers, designed for men who lead active lifestyles.

Styles of Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs

Men will find both traditional designs of boxer briefs, as well as more flamboyant styles in the Calvin Klein 365 Fashion collection. Men can choose single- or dual-color boxer briefs, as well as a range of print designs. Shorter men may also consider the trunk underwear that is available from Calvin Klein. The reduced length of the legs on this underwear style can make the body appear longer. CK trunks are available in many of the same styles as the boxer briefs.

In addition to the boxers and briefs available from Calvin Klein, men may also consider purchasing undershirts and sleepwear. These CK garments are made from the same high quality fibers used in the company's other pieces of underwear.

Men will find many styles of underwear, from companies ranging from Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss to C-IN2 and Wax at Skiviez. In addition to styles to wear on a regular basis, the online store also offers active wear such as jock straps and underwear designed specifically with romantic encounters in mind.

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