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If you like knowing who wears what, you'll have lots of fun browsing a celebrity boxers or briefs blog online. According to one boxers vs briefs blog, David Beckham wears briefs, Thomas Gibson wears boxers and Zach Efron wears either. Men in boxer briefs include Hugh Jackman, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest. James Marsters, Greg Kinnear, Josh Hartnett and David Duchovny go commando. At, we can help you with everything but commando. There you're on your own.

The Boxers or Briefs Blog Is Fun, But...

Each man has to make his own decision on the question of boxers vs briefs. What's important is that you give something new a try now and then, rather than getting stuck in a rut. You might be missing something you'd really like! According to the boxers or briefs blog, there are a lot of men in boxer briefs these days. Boxer briefs combine the best elements of both types of underwear to give you both freedom and support.

There are some thongs mentioned in that boxers or briefs blog, too. We have those. We also have bikini briefs, sport briefs, classic boxers, knit boxers, low rise briefs, jock straps and pouch briefs. You might want to hit our sale and clearance pages for a budget-friendly way to try something new today.

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