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Boxers or briefs? Presidential candidates have been asked the question, as have rock stars, athletes, famous actors and a great many ordinary date candidates. Styles change, and so do demographics in the great boxers vs briefs debate.

At one time, pretty much all underwear was white and boxers were considered somewhat staid, while briefs were racy. Briefs took on color earlier than boxers did, which helped perpetuate that idea. But boxers soon caught up, and outstripped briefs in the color and pattern category, leading to the "novelty" boxer, which ran the gamut from fun to ridiculous. After a period where many went commando, younger men didn't want to return to the constriction of tightie whities, and boxers became de rigueur--especially under saggy pants.

The Boxers or Briefs Question Resolved?

The '90s brought a lot of advances, but among the most significant (well, from our point of view) was the development of men's boxer briefs. The boxers or briefs question is still around, but has been rendered moot for a lot of men by this comfortable yet supportive hybrid.

Here at, we believe that even asking about boxers vs briefs is missing the point. We think every man should have a wardrobe of underwear to suit the occasion and the mood. You may want men's boxer briefs under close-fitting tailored pants, boxers under saggy jeans, low-rise briefs or trunks for slimmer jeans, and thongs for, well, whatever.

If you'd like more information about any of our products, or simply want to weigh in on the boxers or briefs question, send an email to

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