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There was a time when boxers for men were pretty consistently white, baggy and associated with bankers and sock garters. Then there was the era of "novelty" boxers for men, which fell into two categories. Holiday boxers were festooned with hearts, shamrocks and Christmas tree lights, and were generally worn, more or less reluctantly, during their season to placate the person who gave them as a gift. The other category was characterized by wacky graphics and lurid colors, and was primarily preferred by buffoons and jackasses. Thank heavens those days are over.

Today's boxers for men feature a trimmer cut, more comfortable fabric, and a wide range of fashion colors and prints. They've been extremely popular during the last couple of decades, but are being replaced by the hybrid between boxers and briefs for men: men's boxer briefs. Men's boxer briefs offer the coverage and lack of constriction associated with boxers, but also the supportive aspects of briefs.

Boxers for Men and More Styles to Choose From

At, you can select an entire wardrobe of underwear to suit the moment. Briefs for men include fly front, pouch, sports, bikini and low rise styles. We have boxer briefs in plenty, from all of your favorite designers, including Calvin Klein, Baskit and Tommy Hilfiger. We also carry thongs, jock straps, swimwear and even costumes.

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