Boxer Briefs

Mens briefs provide support where you need it most, but they have potential drawbacks. Specifically, they may feel somewhat binding, as they provide support by holding everything close to your body. As an alternative to briefs, many men opt for boxer shorts. Click Here For Boxer Briefs!

Boxers provide more coverage than briefs, and many people find them more aesthetically appealing. The shortcoming of boxers, however, is that they cannot match the support offered by briefs, making them less appropriate for many activities. As a compromise between boxers and briefs, you may want to consider boxer briefs that provide both coverage and support.
At Skiviez, we offer carry a large selection of boxer briefs from many manufacturers.

Boxer Briefs from Top Designers

You'll find boxer briefs available from designers including 2xist, Calvin Klein, and Hugo Boss. While some of the styles feature coverage that extends close to the knee, other styles of boxer briefs stop midway through the thigh. Many styles that we carry are made from cotton blends, offering a soft feel with enough give so that you can comfortably move throughout the day.

You may also want to consider trunks that are available from many top designers of mens underwear. Trunks offer more coverage than briefs but less than boxer briefs, so you get the best of both: the support of briefs and a trimmer look than either boxers or boxer briefs. If you have any questions about the boxer briefs in our online catalog, contact us today at or 1-800-628-1693.

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