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Urban men who are looking for the latest designs in men's underwear may be excited by styles from Baskit that offer both comfort and great looks. The company eschews the notion that men's underwear is purely functional, focusing on the quality of construction and the visual appeal of underwear. Baskit offers pieces to suit the lives of urban men, from jockstraps for active days and nights to trunks and briefs to increase men's confidence in the boardroom and bedroom.

Styles of Baskit Urban Underwear for Men

When men are looking for basic styles of underwear, they do not need to compromise on the quality. The Basics collection from Baskit is offered in solid black or white. The pieces--which include V-neck and crew neck shirts, trunks, bikini briefs, boxer briefs and jockstraps--offer a crisp and modern look for urban men. Men who want to add variety to their wardrobes may opt for the Baskit Contrast collection, which features the same quality construction along with contrasting piping and waistbands.

Style is not the only area in which Baskit's urban underwear excels, as these pieces are all designed to meet men's functional needs. The mesh underwear in the Action Cool collection features a large pouch area to enhance a man's appearance. The mesh cotton construction also lets heat and moisture dissipate, so men can stay cool throughout the day and night, even when working out.

At Skiviez, customers can find the latest in underwear from designers including Baskit, C-IN2 and Clever. In addition to the large selection the company carries, it also provides free shipping services so that customers can get fashionable underwear for a superbly low price.

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