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Thanks to the large variety of men's briefs available from Tommy Hilfiger, men never have to settle for standard white briefs when they are purchasing underwear. Some men may prefer the look and feel to which they have become accustomed over the years. The design of white briefs from Tommy Hilfiger offers the necessary support in a sleek package. Against the cotton brief, the company's familiar flag logo stands out in vivid contrast, updating the classic style.

Updated Styles of Tommy Hilfiger Briefs

In addition to familiar men's briefs, Tommy Hilfiger offers hip briefs with a more adventurous silhouette.

  • The navy blue waistband coordinates with the piping around the legs and over the crotch, making the brief stand out more than a single-color style.
  • Tommy Hilfiger hip briefs are available in striped designs and bright colors like orange, not just traditional white.
  • The tapered shape of the briefs can frame men's endowments, giving them a more exotic look and letting men add a little bit of sex appeal to their collections even if they are not adventurous enough to try thongs.
  • All of the briefs offer the support that men need to play sports without fear of discomfort.

While briefs are one option available, men can also turn to other forms of exotic underwear, such as low-rise trunks, thongs, and jock straps. Skiviez carries a number of pieces from Tommy Hilfiger and other designers that are ideal for everyday use and athletic activities, as well as for special evenings at home.

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