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While Calvin Klein jock straps have been used for years by men who play sports, they are starting to become popular among men searching for fashionable underwear, as well. In addition to providing support for men who are engaged in athletic activities, jock straps can also enhance men's endowments. Men who are not ready to take the plunge and wear a CK thong may find that jock straps from Calvin Klein make them feel sexier and are a pleasant surprise for their partners. Unlike thongs, which feature a single strip of fabric separating the cheeks in the back, jock straps include two elastic bands over the rear.

Enhancing Alternatives to Calvin Klein Jock Straps

While men may want to add further definition to their bodies, they may not be prepared to wear underwear as revealing as jock straps and thongs. Calvin Klein offers a number of alternatives that also provide enhancement without sacrificing coverage. The CK Body collection has a series of boosting underwear, including briefs and trunks. CK Body Boost fashion underwear employs an elastic strap to provide the lift that some men need to create the illusion of being bigger. Unlike thongs and jock straps, these styles of Calvin Klein men's underwear offer full coverage in the back.

Skiviez provides a large selection of men's fashion underwear in styles from jock straps to standard briefs. In the company's online inventory, customers will find closeout specials on styles from previous seasons, as well as the latest designs from companies including Baskit, Ginch Gonch and Wax.

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