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2xist offers one of the most extensive selections of men's underwear available today, from familiar styles like boxers and briefs to trunks and no show briefs. In addition to the many styles of men's underwear they create, 2xist employs a range of materials that are designed to provide customers with increased comfort. From men's underwear that is a single distinctive color to designs that feature contrasting colors and bold stripes, men have more options than ever to get a little adventurous and feel good all day.

Styles of 2xist Men's Underwear

Whether a customer prefers boxers, trunks or briefs, he will find many styles from 2xist that will fit the bill.

  • 2xist offers a selection of sports briefs with padded waistbands, constructed from polyester and nylon. These are cut higher on the leg to provide an increased range of motion and showcase quadriceps that have been sculpted at the gym.
  • 2xist also has a selection of men's underwear that is made by combining polyester and bamboo, which results in a breathable fabric that is extremely comfortable.
  • 2xist also has undershirts and tank tops that match many of the underwear styles the company offers. These are also available in signature colors, letting men stock up on gym equipment with some flair.

At Skiviez, customers can find a large variety of men's underwear, including padded briefs, nylon blends and microfiber underwear. In addition to the pieces the company carries from 2xist, there are products from designers including Baskit, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

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