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2(x)ist Essentials
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2xist Essentials
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What do water, oxygen, food, and 2xist underwear have in common? They’re all essential (in no particular order), and 2xist’s Essential underwear are some of the best underwear out there. Whether you’re looking for a brief, a button fly boxer, long underwear, a tank, or a thong, the essential line has you covered.

The original 2xist Essential line is available in basic black and white, these trunks, crew necks, contour pouch briefs, and boxer briefs create a sexy silhouette for whoever is lucky enough to be wearing them. Made of 100% tried-and-true cotton making them durable and attractive.

2xist Contrast Essential come in a variety of combinations

The 2xist Contrast Essential line comes in a variety of unexpectedly unique and hot color combinations. Piping details add pops of color to what can become a rather monochrome underwear collection. With the same attention to detail as the original Essential line, 2xist has developed quite a fashion trend with this underwear.

At Skiviez, customers will find an extensive selection of men’s underwear in many styles, from thongs to boxers. The company provides shoppers with a range of shipping options so they can receive an order by the time they need it, including free ground shipping.

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