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If you're looking for some great briefs, you need to take a look at 2xist briefs. At Skiviez, you'll find a large selection of mens underwear, including briefs, thongs, jock straps, boxers, and other fun and sexy styles. One of our most popular brands is 2xist, and we carry more than 40 styles from them, including underwear made from pima cotton, microfiber, and spandex.

Underwear made with fibers from bamboo is both environmentally friendly and comfortable. The bamboo fibers breathe just like cotton. With a small percentage of spandex in the blend, the briefs and shirts in 2xist's Sliq line are soft and comfortable. If you're looking for briefs, you can choose either contour pouch briefs or no show briefs from 2xist.

2xist Briefs with Contrast Piping

Those looking for briefs that will stand out in the bedroom should consider the 2xist contrast briefs. Both the pouch and no show contrast briefs from 2xist feature contrasting colored waistbands and trim around the legs. Contrast underwear is also available from 2xist as boxer briefs, trunks, and tanks.

Men looking for briefs with the softest touch should check out the Optic line from 2xist. Whether you prefer the contour pouch brief or the no show brief, the cotton blend conforms to your body's shape and keeps things in place all day long. The Optic briefs are available in black, white, blue, purple, and orange. If you have any questions about the 2xist briefs that we carry, contact us!

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