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Most recent review
Great colors and good fit, arrived in a timely manner. My only negative would be the pouch could be a bit larger.
Most recent review
This is a great jockstrap! The waistband is soft and comfortable. The pouch is stitched so that it is kind of a pouch within a pouch: The main one that covers your whole area and a stitched one that is more closely covering and providing support for your package. I feel great wearing this!
Most recent review
Great product, perfect fit, size was spot on! Comfortable to wear all day.
Most recent review
I have purchased these boxer briefs before for my partner. The fit is great with ample room in the pouch. Would order them again!
Most recent review
Very comfortable, and sizing was perfect. Sexy cut suitable as swimwear.
Most recent review
Great product. I am a fan of Agacio underwear. The fit is perfect and the feel is nice. The sale price was perfect. You should have more sales of boxer briefs.
Most recent review
Briefs are terrific. Wish they had white and grey in my size. They fit real well. Not to tight; but plenty of support. I rate them better than good--exlnt!
Most recent review
These bright colors look great and are very supportive. The longer legs are nice and stay put. The wasteband does fold easily, tho.
Most recent review
Cool socks are way better in color, design and quality in person. They accent my collection of colored suede sneakers.
Most recent review
Red, ample of coverage, a fly and a pocket on the leg are all the features that make me love this pair all the more. The fit and the fabric were a bonus the first time I slipped into the same.