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Does your Mens Underwear count when you want to look fashionable?

Underwear for men

When you talk about your personality, I believe – every single article that you slip into or put on your body plays an equally fashionable part for your personality. Starting from your outfits, the list goes all the way mens underwear that is the most basic of every clothing. Every man wants to look better and in order to do that, you go ahead and do anything as well as everything that matters. Looking fashionable raises your bar of happiness for sure.

I believe that your underwear for men certainly counts when it comes to looking fashionable. How, you might ask?

Well, this blog talks about the aspects that make your mens underwear an integral part when it comes to looking fashionable.


Your Mens underwear deciphers whether you’re comfortable or not


Comfortable Mens Underwear


The very first thing that one needs to know to look fashionable is – fashionable is always comfortable. If you aren’t feeling very comfortable with what you’re wearing, you aren’t looking fashionable. Comfort is the key to start with and your underwear for men plays an integral part in making you feel comfortable below the belt for the entire day. Did you get the point right?


Your mens underwear adds motivation to go ahead and sport different styles


mens underwear adds motivation


When you say – fashionable, you obviously don’t stick to a single style of outfit and wear it day-in-day-out. Do you? Well, your mens underwear is quite a motivation-booster. Well, mens thongs can motivate you. Want to know how? Read here. When you are motivated from within, you can go ahead and sport any kind of style without worrying too much.

Talking personally about myself, the collection of mens underwear offered at Skiviez has actually made me open up to a lot of opportunities. From being a wear-whatever-you-can-grab-from-the-closet to whoa-wow-so-good-looking, the underwear for men like mens bikinis, briefs for men, G-string underwear and more have done a lot for me and my personality.


Do you love the different styles of mens underwear? Which one’s your favourite?

Reinvent your conventions with Pistol Pete Briefs

Reinvent your conventions with Pistol Pete Briefs

What do you expect from your men’s brief underwear? Would you want that tighty whitey support that the same provides but still manages to suffocate the manhood? Or would like to experiment with the fashion underwear style and pick something more pleasing? The Pistol Pete Underwear is what lets you experience the good of the tighty whiteys and also gives you an opportunity to breathe better.

Pistol Pete MONACO Brief White

The Pistol Pete Monaco Brief sounds like the ideal way to make your happiness bar raise up a level. With a conventional color, the design is not-so-conventional. The 80% nylon covers everything in the back as well as the front. However, it is the pouch of the pair that has some innovative work on it. To enhance the breathability, the pouch features an opening or you can say it is an overlap design to keep the sides open for air passage.

The 20% spandex is what keeps you going and on the move as there’s a lot of elasticity to go on with. You can reinvent your conventional style with these and much more by the brand at skiviez.com.

Slip In A Thong And Feel Like A Bikini With Cover Male Curious Slip Thong

The model looks equally curious as the name of the men’s underwear he’s wearing is Cover Male Curious Slip Thong. With a masculine body like his, the sexy underwear looks even more sensuous than any other regular pair. The sexy and sensuous Cover Male thong underwear looks and feels absolutely stupendous when you slip into the luxurious fabric.

Cover Male Curious Slip Thong Black

Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, you’d sign up for the lavishly shimmery texture that makes you feel like you’re all set for the party while keeping you feeling sweat-free, comfortable and quite flexible down there. A lot of spandex means a lot of stretch which again means you can indulge in all kinds of activities that require something more than just looks.

With a functional pouch in the front that covers what needs to be covered while keeping manhood’s comfort, support and functionality in check. The center of attraction is in the rear where you’ll find more than the necessary fabric that makes it look like men’s bikini underwear.

Interested? Well, check out more men’s fashion underwear styles by the brand here.

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Put the Best Look Forward With Intymen Bold Pouch Boxer

There is no doubt in the fact that Intymen is a way sportier and sexy men’s underwear brand than I have known. With so many styles to offer, the label has a bestseller assortment of men’s boxer brief underwear showcased by the model in the image. Relaxing near the water body, what can be more sporty and appealing than a pair of Intymen Bold Pouch Boxer that are perfect for the occasion.

Intymen Bold Pouch Boxer Blue/Lila

Intymen boxer briefs shown in the image focus on the streamlined fit and the bold appeal of the manhood. The very first thing that catches your attention when you actually look at the fashion underwear style is the contouring pouch. You thought I would say the color, but even before that, the pouch comes in the focus. Made with an outline piping to pick up what you’ve got, the pouch shapes the manhood for an appealing visibility.

The slender fit on the legs makes them look toned and appealing while the waistband stays strong on the waistline to keep everything in one place. Check out more pieces available at skiviez.com that will make you fall for the color and the functionality offered by Intymen in its range of enhancing underwear styles.

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Put Forward Your Manhood In The Best Way With C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief

There is no doubt in the fact that C-IN2 is one of the most popular men’s underwear brand because of its luxurious fabrics, stylish appeal and designer approach in the assortment. The brand has been setting benchmarks ever since its introduction in the industry. One of the most appealing pieces that the C-IN2 offers according to many is the H+A+R+D Hustle Brief.

C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief Black

The sexy cum stylish men’s brief underwear by the label is an extraordinary piece that hugs you where you need it the most and also leaves some skin for the show. The innovative strappy design on the waist makes it look like men’s jockstrap underwear that offers more coverage in the rear. Made for the lightweight sports activities, the snug fit and enhancing pouch does what’s needed.

C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief:-

Made of 96% polyester and 4% elastane, the pouch also has perforated cotton to provide comfort to the package. The elastic bands with bold C-IN2 logos make the entire enhancing underwear a very stylish and bold.

If you are looking for something that is equally stylish by the looks and has unmatched support down there; C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief is what you must opt for. The pair is available at the men’s underwear store at discounted prices.

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Good Devil Brief Underwear

Good Devil Brief | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Known for its sexiest and skimpy men’s underwear collection, Good Devil presents numerous collection of men’s erotic underwear which varies in terms of coverage, cut and styles. Now, Good Devil gives a numerous reasons to get into a pair of briefs they offer. They are not like the classic and contemporary design anymore, but have an erotic plus modern touch to it. The assortment of briefs by the brand range from full coverage to classic cut.

Good Devil Rotica Sheer Brief Black/Red

Men’s Brief Underwear:-


Good Devil Brief underwear not only offers a form fitting but also allows you to show off your assets in the best possible way. Some of the most popular men’s briefs by the brand are:

A. The Rotica Sheer brief with a mesh panel all over for little exposure with hidden pouch. It makes the foreplay more enticing.

B. The Passion brief is cut out in U-formations with contrast color biases, supported by small metal O-rings attached to a wide elastic low-rise waistband.

There are many other styles for you to explore in that build up the support and confidence within one’s personality.

Keeping the fashion aspect in mind, the designers at Good Devil designs brief with a sexier and provocative appeal

Some of the designs are made out of vibrant colors for the different moods of man. Some have bright bursts of color and others keep things subtle and classy. Many are downright sexy and see-through, making the best uses of mesh, fishnet, or sheer.

Soft and high quality fabrics like nylon, spandex, polyester and cotton are fused to make the best combination for the right amount of flexibility and comfort for the crotch.

The fabrics allow easy leg movement in every situation.

The tastefully formed pouch lifts up the genitals to an abrasion-free position, providing the desired shape and look to the crotch.

Check out the entire collection of Good Devil Brief at Skiviez which are colorful, vibrant yet comfortable.

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Cover Male Bikini Underwear

Cover Male Bikini Underwear Skiviez.com

Cover Male has been a faithful brand since its establishment in 2011. In such a small span of time, the brand has gained huge popularity for the range of offerings in men’s underwear. Cover Male masters, in delivering underwear for men that are a stylish combination of sexiness, comfort and vibrancy.

Cover Male Sheer Pouch Bikini Royal Blue

The catalog at Skiviez is filled with men’s bikini underwear by Cover Male. The men’s underwear online store carries an assortment from elastic waistbands to mere strings. They provide the maximum exposure without compromising with its functionality.

Some of the best rated products are:

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikinis:

This range of bikinis has high cuts on the legs for revealing skin. The exotic contoured pouch enhances the crotch and gives required support and thrust. They are meant for men who love minimal coverage with a little more fabric on the rear.

Cover Male Tear Drop Bikinis:

As the name indicates, this range has a tear drop looking pouch. It covers the bare essentials on the front and gives full coverage on the back. Logo waistband compliments the entire product. It is surely going to be your favorite.

Cover Male Passion Bikinis:

This new arrival is surely a head turner for the perfect combination of sheer and smooth solid fabrics. The high cuts are tempting and the perfect pouch has an enhanced snug fit.

Cover Male Bikinis are merely not sexy; they are equally functional in terms of providing a comfortable pouch to the manhood, enhancement techniques vary from subtle to extreme and they are, durable as well. The vast range of colors available suits every personality. Do check out the stock at skiviez.com.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Brief Underwear

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Briefs Underwear Skiviez

Established by American designer Tommy Hilfiger in 1984, the label turned out to be one of the leading fashion houses in the world. The brand started off by making loose fashion apparels and got highly acclaimed for them. Eventually Tommy Hilfiger expanded its line to men’s underwear and till date ranks among the top international brands. The line of men’s brief underwear by the luxury brand is classy, sexy and very unique.

The conventional briefs design covered an extensive coverage on the front as well as rear with different cuts on the sides depending on the brands. The ones that extended till the navel are called “full cut” or “full rise” whereas; the low rise briefs sit low on the waistline showing off the toned abs. This style is designed for an enhancing crotch on the pouch. Mid rise briefs sit on the natural waistline for better comfort and are apt for regular pants and trousers whereas; the low rise briefs sit low below the waistline.

Tommy Hilfiger uses the classic style of men’s briefs and incorporates luxury fabrics like cotton and cotton jersey with high cuts and enough stretch for the perfect and superior fit. Available in classic colors or with stripes and graphic prints, our underwear features the signature Tommy Hilfiger logo and flag on the waistband.

At Skiviez, shop the exclusive assortment men’s brief underwear of the designer brand Tommy Hilfiger at best prices.

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Diesel Jockstrap Underwear

Diesel Jockstraps Underwear Skiviez

Established in the year 1978 by an Italian entrepreneur Renzo Rosso, Diesel is an iconic brand. The designer extended his fashion house to incorporate men’s underwear in 2007. Diesel underwear pushes the envelope with edgy designs. Diesel provides fashion-forward styles, such as funky prints on the men’s brief underwear and jock straps, cool swimwear and comfortable cotton loungewear. Know more about Diesel brief underwear here.

men’s jockstrap underwear:-


A jockstrap is underwear worn under shorts or trousers for any athletic purpose. The classic design of a jockstrap has a protective, contoured pouch that supports the male. Two elastic waistbands go around the thighs to keep everything in place.

The assortment of men’s jockstrap underwear by the luxury label is vibrant, sexy and highly comfortable. Some of the aspects for the Diesel jockstraps are as follows.

• Sexy: The jockstraps for men are made to be very comfortable yet sexy. The brand focuses on the style as importantly as the construction and other features.

• Colors: The assortment at Skiviez goes all the way from dark green to strawberry and purple. They work like the mood enhancers for the male anatomy.

• Fabrics: A consistent ratio of stretchable cotton with spandex blend is used to keep everything below the belt at comfort.

• Functionality: These jockstraps are crafted for the hot days when you seek to be at comfort while working out. Made with exceptional features, these pairs are highly functional.

Diesel jockstrap underwear features a chic line of Fresh & Bright Jocky Jockstrap underwear that appeals to the eye and is equally functional.

Shop the exclusive assortment of Diesel jockstraps at Skiviez.

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New C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear Coming Soon

New C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear

Starting around the first of June, C-IN2 will re-launch Bamboo, their wildly popular line of men’s underwear. This new bamboo underwear features an updated logo waistband that prominently displays the C-IN2 logo. It’s also designed to wash and wear better.

C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear

The updated fabric now features a blend of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo. This combination adds more structure to the fabric and makes it last longer and feel better. Not to be outdone by the new fabric, the updated “trophy shelf design” enhances the look and shape of your package making it noticeably fuller.

C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear

The new bamboo will have an updated slider brief, a new slim cut trunk called the “punt,” an army trunk, and a new jock strap. All styles are updated and better than ever. Be sure to sign up for our email list–as soon as the new Bamboo lands in our warehouse, we’ll send out an e-mail notification. For now you can check our recently arrived 2xist Fusion underwear at Skiviez.

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