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Jockstraps: The journey

Jockstraps: The journey

The very word jockstrap is associated with the sportswear and gym gears. The traditional undies have been a staple for every athletic personality for years. The name of the underwear style is a segregation of the words ‘jock’ and ‘strap’. The underneath article features the strappy style that is designed to protect male genital of athletes. However, with time this skivvy style is now being associated with the everyday routine of men.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite underwear style originated? The blog provides a run through the details of the undergarment right from the inception to this date. Have a look.


As per Wikipedia, the first ever jockstraps for men was introduced in the year 1874 by a company named ‘Bike Web Company’. It was originally designed for the bicycle riders who rode the cobbled streets of Boston. This is the reason why it was known as Jockey Strap and later became popular as jockstraps.

1The basic design of this style of men’s underwear included a wide waistband and pouch to cover the genital. In addition, the underneath article has a couple of straps that hugs the buttocks and support to the pouch. A certain range of this undergarment style known as Windproof jockstraps had a special layer of fabric to protect the privates of the wearer from wind.

PouchSome of the jockstraps even offered additional protection in the form of a protective cup that has embedded in the pouch. The cup was made of hard plastic or steel. Some of the wearers complained that the cup was hard and inconvenient. As a result of which, it was later made more flexible. The hard exterior was molded into the soft lining. The cups were made perforated to aid ventilation.

Issues with Jockstraps

Along with the much-needed comfort, support, as well as sex appeal, the revealing style of underneath article, has some disadvantages as well.

The very first issue raised by athletes was that of the jock itch. According to them, the crotch and the rear are sweaty while undergoing physical activity. The straps at the back added to the troubles by giving rashes, itchiness and other skin issues. As a result of which, the modern designers of men’s underwear were made with softer elastic.

Other than this, the revealing buttocks were embarrassing for some. Few wearers complained that changing clothes in the locker room becomes difficult if you have your jockstraps on. If you are facing the same issue, then, boxer briefs is an alternate for you.

Various types of jockstraps

The traditional jockstraps have gone all the way from the athletic to a fashion piece. The erotic piece is not restricted to the wardrobe of sports personality only. Every body-conscious man who have higher regards for sex appeal and sensuality can try it. Here are basically two types of this underwear style.

Athletic jockstrap

Athletic jockstrapThe sporty jocks are specifically designed for workouts or undergoing any sort of strenuous activities. These undies are designed taking into account the basic need of the wearer. The pouch of these underneath articles offers supports and keeps the entire package bundled in the safe position. The waistband and straps at the back are soft enough facilitate the sweaty crotch. In some cases, these skivvies even come with the protective cups that acts as a shield to keep your manhood safe.

Fashion jockstrap

Fashion jockstrapThe fashion jocks are aimed at making your intimacy even more fun. From the track to the bedroom of the style-savvy male population, the underwear is a big hit in the underneath fashion industry. The sportswear has now even hit the big time by gracing the ramp walk. Jockstraps come in various fabrics, shapes, and personalities. Here are few options that you would find in this category of intimate apparel.

Sheer jockstrap

Sheer jockstrapThese jockstraps definitely embody the functionality of the basic skivvy but add a flair of sensuality. The traditional undies are made up of see-through sheer fabric that covers nothing at all down there. Revealing a bit more than expected, the already exotic pair for men is definitely for them whose emphasis is more on.. well.. covering up. Despite the fact that it leaves little to the imagination, the underwear supports the basic essentials of the wearer.

Lace jockstrap

Lace jockstrapThe ultra-masculine jock cut paired with the tender touch of lace is a deadly combination. Why should men be restricted to few conventional undies when you women can walk into any department store and pick up the titillating lingerie? The lace underwear are for all those who do not restrict their style statement in the name of manliness.

Do you wear jockstraps? What are view on the underwear style? Share your comments below.

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Something about Jockstraps

Jockstraps - Skiviez

You must have read about men’s jockstrap underwear in bits and pieces in magazines or articles posted online for customers. However, this single piece brings along the ‘ifs and buts’ of the functional as well as fashionable men’s underwear style. Let us now start with the history moving on to the other aspects of sexy mens underwear.

• When did the jocks appear in the industry?

The respective apparel style was introduced in the late 1870s with the idea of providing the support and protection to bicycle riders. The pouch was specifically designed in order to keep the shaft and scrotum away from the thighs hence, preventing them from getting hurt. With the popularity in that field, jockstraps were incorporated for strenuous games like soccer, rugby and others. In today’s time, you can even find pairs for everyday use.

• How does it look like?

Frankly speaking, pair of jockstrap looks like a wonder bra with only one pouch and an additional straps. The fact of the matter is that the latter does the same thing what the former does- to support and protect. The jock consists of a functional pouch either with a cup or not and two sets of bands- one is the waistband and the other is the leg bands that go round the legs under the butts for a better grip.

Cover Male Jockstraps

• What are the advantages?

Though the advantages are what men feel about the mens pouch underwear, but some common to all are mentioned below.

1. Comfortable on the front yet supportive

2. Manly appeal is provided by the athletic construction and designer prints

3. Enhanced profile is a plus point that comes complimentary with the designer pouches.

4. Exposed rear that lets you flaunt the round and plump butts

5. Can be worn as athletic underwear or, as sexy underwear

• What are the disadvantages?

Though ‘jock itch’ is the most common disadvantage that occurs because of the style; size is another issue that can be a bigger problem than the former. Size if not selected properly can cause discomfort, uneasiness and constant itching whereas; jock itch makes the entire groin area red and gives a difficult time.

You can avoid both the problems! Jock itch can be avoided if you do not wear jockstrap all the time and opt for other apparel styles like mens low rise briefs, exotic underwear, men’s bikini underwear and more. for the size, you have to measure yourself properly and then buy the style.

• Who can wear it?

Initially made for the sportsperson, jocks can now be worn by anyone for sports, workouts, leisurewear, office wear and more. There are numerous fabrics available that make them perfect for all occasions.

These are some aspects that every man must know before he buys his first pair of jockstrap underwear. There is a variety available at skiviez.com. Check it out now!

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Daniel Alexander Bikini Underwear

Daniel Alexander Bikini Underwear | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Daniel Alexander is a stylish underwear brand which offers men’s bikini underwear in great styles, cuts, colors and fabrics. Daniel Alexander Bikini Underwear comes in bold colors, super soft fabric and unique cuts for a sexy and revealing look.

Being small in size, these erotic underwear styles is popular as a swimwear too. But they are restricted to guys who have perfectly toned muscles that compliment the look of the bikini on the body. Men’s bikini underwear by the brand is tiny, sexy and very supportive. This style is apt for guys who are shy, sophisticated and seek something less revealing yet appealing to the partner’s eye.

Listed below are some most tempting features of Daniel Alexander Bikinis offered at Skiviez-

Fit- The men’s bikini underwear styles offered by the brand has a snug fit on the front with high cuts around the pouch for a lot of skin show. The no fabric on the sides allows full exposure of the well made muscles with full seat coverage.

Pouch- The anatomically-contoured pouch gives extra support to the package and also boosts up confidence from within.

Fabric- Daniel Alexander Bikini is crafted with high quality fabrics like Nylon and a little proportion of Spandex to keep minimal stretch. It makes the product smooth, soft and breathable.

Explore the collection of Daniel Alexander Bikini at Skiviez which feature comfort, style and profile enhancement feature for a well toned physique.

Daniel Alexander Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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Diesel Jockstrap Underwear

Diesel Jockstraps Underwear Skiviez

Established in the year 1978 by an Italian entrepreneur Renzo Rosso, Diesel is an iconic brand. The designer extended his fashion house to incorporate men’s underwear in 2007. Diesel underwear pushes the envelope with edgy designs. Diesel provides fashion-forward styles, such as funky prints on the men’s brief underwear and jock straps, cool swimwear and comfortable cotton loungewear. Know more about Diesel brief underwear here.

men’s jockstrap underwear:-


A jockstrap is underwear worn under shorts or trousers for any athletic purpose. The classic design of a jockstrap has a protective, contoured pouch that supports the male. Two elastic waistbands go around the thighs to keep everything in place.

The assortment of men’s jockstrap underwear by the luxury label is vibrant, sexy and highly comfortable. Some of the aspects for the Diesel jockstraps are as follows.

• Sexy: The jockstraps for men are made to be very comfortable yet sexy. The brand focuses on the style as importantly as the construction and other features.

• Colors: The assortment at Skiviez goes all the way from dark green to strawberry and purple. They work like the mood enhancers for the male anatomy.

• Fabrics: A consistent ratio of stretchable cotton with spandex blend is used to keep everything below the belt at comfort.

• Functionality: These jockstraps are crafted for the hot days when you seek to be at comfort while working out. Made with exceptional features, these pairs are highly functional.

Diesel jockstrap underwear features a chic line of Fresh & Bright Jocky Jockstrap underwear that appeals to the eye and is equally functional.

Shop the exclusive assortment of Diesel jockstraps at Skiviez.

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Selecting The Right Men’s Underwear

Men's UnderwearSelecting the right underwear isn’t as hard as it may seem, but finding information about different men’s underwear styles and fabrics can be difficult because it isn’t something that most people frequently talk about. For you lucky readers, however, we’ll share a thing or two that we’ve learned from running a men’s underwear store.

Do you even need help choosing?

If you’ve found a brand, style, and fit that you like to wear, then go ahead and skip over this article. Stick with what you like–if you want to try something different, try a new color or pattern. We’re always getting the latest fashions and colors in stock. By adding our “New Products” feed to your RSS reader, you’ll always be the first to know when new inventory arrives.

If you like the freedom of boxers, then this article might not be for you, either. Some guys like to hang loose, and other guys need the free leg movement afforded by boxers. That added agility comes at the expense of support, however, and if you need your underwear to provide at least some support for your goods, then keep on reading.

If you have no idea what underwear to buy or have been buying Fruit of the Loom’s by the gross for the past decade because that’s what you’ve always worn, then we’ve written this article just for you. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions.

How tall are you?

Men's Underwear

This may seem like an odd way to pick an underwear style, but the question is simple enough, and so is the consequence of your answer: shorter guys obviously need less fabric to cover their assets than taller guys.

If you’re over 6′, you’ll find that boxer briefs–not trunks, pouch briefs, or low-rise briefs–are made for you. This is especially true if you’re over 6’4”. Don’t worry about losing that low-rise style that the shorter kids enjoy a boxer brief on a tall guy will fit similarly to a trunk on a shorter man. If you are tall and put on some trunks, you may find that your rear isn’t covered or the fit just isn’t right. (If you’ve ever bought a large T-shirt because you need the length to accommodate your torso but find that the shirt is as wide as a trash bag, then you’ve experienced a similar type of problem. Trust us on this one–boxer briefs are your friend.)

If you’re like most of us (5’9” here) and are under 6′, you will find that low-rise trunks and low-rise briefs will fit you perfectly and make you feel great. If you’re right on the 6′ border, try a regular trunk (but be cautious of the low-rise variety).

Do you need athletic support? A sexy profile?

Choosing among boxers, boxer briefs, and trunks seems simple enough. But who would want to wear a thong or a jock strap? These styles obviously don’t fit into our selection method based on your height. Instead, these satisfy distinct needs that different guys might be looking out for.

Jock straps are really designed for guys who want extra support for the gym. Alternatively, some guys wear them just because they’re sexy, and few things are more masculine than a jock strap. Thongs elevate this feeling to a new level. You’ll just have to try a pair to see what you think.

What about extra room?

Men's Underwear

After you’ve selected a style, the next important decision that you’ll have to make is whether or not you’d like a pair of underwear that has a pouch. A pouch is designed to give extra room up front. If you’re a “show-er” or a guy with bigger equipment, then you’ll find that the extra room in pouch underwear makes for more comfort and a better fit.

There’s nothing wrong with not needing the pouch; it’s a simple matter of figuring out what fits best for your geometry. If you choose a pouch variety when you don’t need it, you may find that it doesn’t provide the support you need and leaves you with an unattractive, baggy appearance in front. To that effect, we carry our own line of underwear that lets you choose your unique pouch size, and it’s inexpensively priced to boot.

What kind of fabrics do you like?

You probably haven’t given much thought to the fabric content of your underwear before. Some people don’t even seem to realize that underwear is available in fabrics other than cotton! Cotton is a great, natural fabric that is widely used and enjoyed by men around the world for its comfort and simplicity, but it’s important to realize what other options are now available.

In recent years, some underwear brands–most notably C-IN2 have introduced fabrics that originate from bamboo, and it’s not the painful, splintery death that you might first imagine; instead, it’s a light, natural fabric that is soft and provides all-day comfort. If you’re just making your first steps away from cotton, then we definitely recommend that you check out the bamboo options that we have available.

If you’re planning on wearing your new underwear to the gym or on a jog, look for fabrics such as spandex or, less commonly, polyester. Spandex can be a little confusing because the same material is known around the world by different terms and brand names: spandex, Lycra, Dorlastan, elastane, Linel, and Elaspan are all closely related and for all intents and purposes are the same thing. The fabric is very strechy, light, and durable. Importantly, it also resists staining from body sweat, so you can avoid those evil-looking yellow armpit stains that form on your favorite cotton T-shirt. These high performance fabrics can help wick away moisture, too, keeping you dry while you’re doing your daily workout.

Never give up

If all else fails, try several different products. Snatch up a pair from our closeout page to give yourself an idea of what works better for your body type. Obviously, men have all kinds of different body types, and there are many different underwear types as a result. It may take a few tries, but you’ll eventually find something that you like. You can shop from the collection of New version of C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear  that is to be launched .

Let us know if this helps you. Got a tip that you’d like us to share with our customers? Send an e-mail to support@skiviez.com.

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