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Things nobody told you about g-string

Things nobody told you about g-string

I remember the first time I saw a pair of g-string when one of my female friends dropped open her suitcase while we were traveling together. It was the discovery moment for me because I had never seen something like this before.

They looked absolutely stunning at first!

I never saw them again until when I was looking forward to buying a pair of men’s underwear for myself. I was awestruck for a moment and kept on thinking- when did they start designing g-string underwear for men?

I stood there waiting for 13 flat minutes and was too tempted to have one for myself. Since then, I am a changed person who can wear any fashion underwear style without thinking a lot about it.

From my personal experience and some others which have been shared with me, let me share with you some things that no one told you about.

They all aren’t comfortable

I have been wearing the respective sexy underwear style for almost 3 years down the line and have realized that every g-string isn’t comfortable to be worn. You might consider it to the fault of the fabric or the coverage (or anything else), but you cannot judge them all by experiencing one.

They’re available for every body type

Being with this for a while now, I have seen a lot of men wearing the exotic style. You must have a lot about “only skinny men wear it or the ones with a chiseled body must own it”, the fact is if you have the guts, you are free to sport it. All you got to do is choose the one that complements your body.

They might or might be able to hold your package

The conventional men’s thong underwear are designed to cover and support your manhood but some of the brands that manufacture g-strings design the style to be so flimsy as well as fragile that a lot of movement can cause you trouble. For example, with a huge package below the belt, you need something that can carry you off well rather than letting your manhood loose.

They make you look sexier

Who said anything about looking weird, I find myself looking absolutely sexy when I slip into these pairs. I take a moment and stand in front of the mirror to see myself in order to feel good for the rest of the day. If you are single and looking for an option to love yourself, this is it!

You can wear the style wherever you want

Men's UnderwearThe time I started wearing them, I made it a point to restrict them for times like dates and parties. However, later I felt the need of having something sexy down there for work and I adopted them for that time as well. Now, you have so many options that you can sport them day-in-day-out.

You have to check what outfit you’ll wear with them

You just can’t wear everything with g-strings! You have to understand that when you wear (anything) your butts tend to swing a lot than they do in jockstraps or the conventional briefs. In order to make them look round without the bounce, pull up body hug trousers.

They provide you the “fit it and forget it” feeling

Once you’re tucked into the skimpy pieces, you don’t have to worry about anything because you’re good to go. The entire day would pass with the feeling of having nothing down there because of the luxurious fabrics and barely there construction.

They can cause infection

Once you start wearing it on a regular basis, you start to feel regular in them and it is hard to get rid of them. Simply put, just like your conventional pieces, you don’t your sheer underwear pieces which lead to infection. The body fluid constantly getting accumulated on the tiny patch of fabric, you’d find the constant connection with the manhood gets prone to bacterial infection. Hence, keep changing them every day.

Do you relate to any of these aspects? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Is G-String Underwear Advantageous for your Personality?

Is G-String Underwear Advantageous for your Personality | Skiviez

Did you ever think that something so skimpy and minimal like g-string would be available for men? Earlier this week we (me and my friends) headed to the city to shop something for our Valentines. Not specifically for that, but he had to do shopping for our basic needs as well. Hence, we went hunting for clothes as well. What caught our attention at the store was that men were opting for a slinky, skimpy and barely there men’s underwear style.

When my curiosity grew more, I went closer to take a better view of what exactly some of them were opting for. Hence, they were considering whether they should buy thong underwear or g-strings. Looks like the world is catching up trends quite fast.

Though it time for men to consider these minimal fabric sexy underwear styles, but finally things are changing, priorities are changing. But the question is- are g-strings advantageous for your personality?

Men's G-string Underwear | SkiviezLet us look at the probabilities below.

No lines

Some of the benefits the fashion underwear style are enjoyed by both the sexes. One of them is no underwear lines to show. Featuring a g-shaped construction and guitar’s string-like thinness, how can be there lines that’ll protrude from the tight fabric. It is in styles like boxer brief underwear or men’s briefs that are bulky and have so much of fabric that it oozes out of tight pants. Hence, the style comes as a savior for you.

Rides low

You might have heard that bikini underwear rides low but this style masters the art of riding low on the waistline. Hence makes it apt for low waist jeans or trousers. The string-like waistband is designed in a way that it holds the manhood where it should be and hanging low. The best part is, if you buy the right size, you get to have the benefit of having a pair that doesn’t irritate in the back and stays comfortable where it is.

Perfect for romantic purposes

Like I mentioned about the incidence that happened with me, many men around the globe are adopting the style. It is just like that when women adorn lacy lingerie to woo their men, men too sport something like sheer underwear or lace apparels for the same. Hence, if you really want to build up your courtship, try g-strings for once.

Perfect for tanning

Another benefit that women also share is that when the idea is to have your body tanned, only a pair of g-string is enough. With nothing in terms of fabric, all is exposed to the sunlight and hence, you get what you were looking for from the pair. This is like hitting the bull’s eye- the exotic underwear style does its work of supporting as well as the minimal fabric tans for the better.

Hence, it surely matters a lot for your personality to look appealing and the style does it for you. All you got to do is to buy the size and understand what makes it to worthy of being called sexy. Are we missing out on any advantage that you believe should be up here?

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Which Men’s Underwear Styles Are Considered Sexy?

The tighty whitey, snug fit briefs are a past now (not literally) because today’s men have realized the worth of their comfortable underwear. Hence, you’ll find that Skiviez provides various men’s underwear styles that are sexy by looks as well as their functionality.

With these sexy apparel styles, you can easily boost your confidence as well as sex appeal with the minimal fabrics. If you are thinking what these styles can be, let’s look at them below.

Men’s bikini underwear:

Considered to be women’s novelty, bikini for men has been around for a very long time. The sexy and sportively stylish underwear is a combination of exposure with added functionality. They are available in such a wide variety of colors, pouch options, fabrics and more. They are sensuous, appealing and very comfortable.

Men’s thong underwear:

Brought to the forefront after many years and worn by men, thongs have been a sexy accessory since the early ages. Back then used for merely covering the privates, the sensual and erotic pieces are way more useful now as the bedroom attires. Thongs for men are sexy, revealing and very appealing. Whether you seek it as a secret confidence enhancer or merely for pleasure purposes; the men’s underwear store has numerous options.

Men’s G-Strings:

Lastly, the next in the queue are the close cousins of thongs, men’s g-string underwear. They are a bit more revealing, skimpier and meant for pleasure purposes. If the motive is to get down and dirty, g-strings of the numerous brands are the perfect match for your taste and likes. They are tempting, tantalizing and a must have for the great bedroom action.

To know more about the brands that offer these exotic underwear styles, click here. So, which of the above do you own? Do you think any other style can also be considered sexy? Do let us know in the space below.

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Things You May Not Know About Your Underwear

Things You May Not Know About Your Underwear

It is finally that time when people have understood the importance of their foundation pieces or their men’s underwear. However, there are still many men out there who put a lot of logic behind even choosing their right pair for the specific occasion. You should know all this by now because of the free flowing knowledge available on the internet.

Well, just to get you all a little more informative, I have compiled a list of a few things that you still don’t know about the bare necessities. Let us look at them below.

1. Men’s underwear is the key to your entire outfit

Well, this goes out to the people who avoid being passionate about their sexy underwear or the base layer of the entire outfit. You must understand that it shapes up things from within and then you get the right look on the outside. This might come to your knowledge when you see a female wearing saggy bra and the other wearing the one with the perfect fit. The former would look terrible even in the best clothes, while the latter provides a form fit and looks presentable.

Hence, whether you’re wearing a suit pant or tight denims, the right pair of boxer brief underwear or thong with the right fit is what you must look for in order to get the right roundness in the rear. So, the next time you choose your fashion underwear, be clear in your head.

2. Not all brands are the same

I knew it! You might think the classic brands are the best, but how many times do you give an opportunity to the newer ones to take place in your wardrobe? Well, there are some classic brands available in the men’s fashion industry that cannot be replaced, but you must check out the start up online-only brands or stores for whom comfort and high-quality men’s designer underwear exist. Buy two or three different pairs to see how they feel, how they fit, and what you find most comfortable. It is not important that the size you wear in jockstraps is the same one you should buy in g-string.

Keep the options open and welcome the newer brands even if you cannot bid goodbye to the classics.

3. Fit changes with purpose

Do you wear your loose boxers under perfectly fitted chinos? Well, if you just answered the question with a no, I couldn’t have agreed more with you. Just like that, wearing athletic jockstraps as men’s swimwear would sound ridiculous. Unfortunately, men do this! This aspect clearly tells you to stop doing these fashion sins and opt for the right fit under the right clothes. Though you knew this point, but still managed to carry the care-damn attitude. I hope you won’t repeat the mistake.

These things should be known to all of you in order to open your minds to the exemplary feeling down there. I would suggest you to just be careful the next time you plan to buy men’s underwear in bulk, for a purpose as well as from your favorite brand. There’s a lot at skiviez.com for you to check out. Do let us how you feel about the blog in the comments section below.

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Everything to Know About Exotic Underwear

Exotic Underwear

It may come as a surprise to some, but straight men also wear men’s exotic underwear without the need to be a ‘Chippendale’ and testimony to this is the increasing choice of it in on line designer men’s underwear stores. Don’t believe me? You should check out the increasing assortment of sexy, revealing and out-of-the-box pairs available at the various men’s underwear stores.

However, this blog specifically talks about the various aspects of exotic lingerie for men. Yes! Even male undergarments that provide what female lingerie (sexy) provides can be referred to as lingerie that too for men.

What is exotic underwear?

There’s no specific definition of exotic apparel styles. From a ‘no show’ to ‘show it all’, every underwear is exotic. For the boy next door, brands like Pikante X-treme collection will be your exotic underwear. Likewise, for a guy who believes in covering up, but seeks something little fashion-forward, Daniel Alexander thongs can be exotic. Take the chance to try something outside your comfort zone.

Where to buy it?

Brick and mortar shops do not have a set up (exceptional excluded) that includes extreme and explicit products. Hence, it would be wiser to shop online from a reputed apparel store like Skiviez. Things to be kept in mind about the store are easy search options, multiple payment options, timely delivery, functional privacy policies and more. This is a great alternative for individuals who want to keep their lingerie shopping private, while being able to compare the rates easily.

What styles are considered exotic?

For long enough, it was only men’s bikini underwear or jockstrap for men were considered as exotic because thongs and g-strings weren’t even counted as a part of the men’s apparel closet. However, times changed and styles such as male thongs, c-string and men’s g-string underwear were welcomed by men and are an integral part of their closet. The material of the lingerie varies, from satin, lace, velvet and even leather. For guys who are ready to experiment with their choices, there are endless options so every body type that will be comfortable to wear and confidence booster from within.

Do these need maintenance?

Oh yes! The lesser you wear them, the lesser you have to maintain. Meant only for special occasions exotic undergarments need a lot of looking after and tender care to extend their durability and comfort. Most of the materials used to make lingerie are usually very delicate such as sheer and lace, meaning they are fragile and in need of special attention and care when washing.

Every exotic pair of underwear has its own glamour, charm and sensuality. If you’ve never tried it before, now is the time. Hopefully, this would help you guys buying, wearing as well as maintaining the novelty items. To grab pairs now, check out skiviez.com.

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Top 5 Sexiest Men’s Underwear at Skiviez

Skiviez is one place where you’ll find the numerous practically vivacious and enthralling men’s underwear and swimwear products. However, this blog is limited to the number and requires me to put down the sexiest pairs available at the store. Men’s sexy underwear at Skiviez is not limited to the list and goes way beyond this.

So, let me put down the ones that I believe and the men who have tried them believe are really sexy and sensuous.

• Miami Jock Swing Jockstrap:

Starting from below, Miami Jock has become a lot more than just a pair of sexy underwear for men. It offers a lot more than just support. Eroticism, exposure and excellent function are what this men’s jockstrap underwear is all about. When getting down and dirty is the idea, the snap buttons help you get into action instantly and the leather-like texture is what appeals to the eyes. Rest you can figure out what can be done with a product like this.

Miami Jock Swing Jockstrap

• Joe Snyder Bulge Thong:

You might or might not have experienced Joe Snyder underwear, but it is actually one of my personal favorites. Skiviez carries a huge assortment by the brand out of which Bulge thong is very appealing to the eye as well as highly functional in lifting the manhood. The narrow structure of the men’s thong underwear, the enhancing pouch and the palette of colors it is available in is what makes the thong sexy on the whole.

Joe Snyder Bulge Thong• Cover Male Passion Bikini:

Another product that I started wearing when I wanted to get a change. Cover Male helped me get accustomed to the sexier styles like thongs and men’s g-string because of the luxurious fabrics and sensuous appeal. The Passion Bikini is one of the newer products, but definitely is one of the most tempting pairs the brand offers. Part solid and part sheer makes it so lustrous and smooth. Keeping the package under the covers, the product leaves something to the imagination.

Cover Male Passion Bikini• Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz Bikini Brief Print:

Haven’t tried this as of now, but the looks itself are killer. Daniel Alexander’s first collection that offers prints and this is what the brand puts forward. A scrumptious amalgamation of bulge pouch in the front and 3/4th coverage in the rear; this product is quite tantalizing. The print of this men’s bikini underwear is modern, asymmetrical and very stunning.

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz Bikini Brief Print• Good Devil Lace G-String:

There’s no doubt about the fact that Good Devil is the sexiest brand in the men’s underwear online store. If you’ve tried different pairs by the brand, you’d understand how it feels on the skin, but if haven’t; this is the right time to experiment with something that is equally sexy and comfortable. The Lace G-string by Good Devil cannot go unnoticed if comfort, sex appeal and hotness are what you seek. The respective men’s g-string underwear is for the guys who are daring and adventurous.

Good Devil Lace G-StringI hope I covered them all but, if you think I missed out your favorite; do let us know in the comments below.

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Style Combinations that are Classics

Style Combinations

It is a big truth that there are some styles that never go out of fashion. Some of the examples are the leather bike jacket or the versatile white Oxford shirt and more. These articles are pure classic and you can wear them anytime and still look handsome and stylish. This blog talks about the style combinations for men that are evergreen as well as gives lays down the suggestions for the kind of men’s underwear style you can team them up with.

Simple, stylish and easy to wear, these iconic looks never get old. Let us look at the styles below.

1. Sweatshirt and Chinos

Sweatshirts have been around for quite some time now and both men and women have acquired it to be a style statement that can be worn casually on the field. Another classic is the pair of chinos (quite popular these days).  What is it about this combination that works so well? It’s essentially a case of ‘opposites attract’. Chino trousers – while less formal than tailored trousers – have an air of vague formality. Conversely, the sweatshirt lends its wearer an unfussy, relaxed edge. (Men’s underwear styles like male bikinis or mens low rise underwear would be apt for the style combination).

2. White shirt and white trousers

Have you ever tried the classic combination of white t-shirt with a pair of white denims or trousers? Well if you haven’t as of now, this is the right time. It’s a fast track to summer-ready style in two pared-back steps. You just have to take a look at the variety of ‘whites’ available at brands like Mango, McQueen and more, and choose the ones that go well with your complexion. (Fashion underwear styles like mens microfiber thong or g-string underwear would diminish the visible fabric or underwear lines in the rear)

3. The roll neck and double-breasted blazer

Roll necks have been there since I was kid or probably even before that time. Worn mostly in the winter months to cover the neck, the roll necks were also called as high necks in some places of the world. Add to this the double breasted blazer’s dexterity for cutting a sharp and powerful silhouette. Hence, you’ll have sophistication in collaboration with warmth of the roll necks. (You have the right decide your kind of apparel style here- be it boxer briefs or briefs in accordance to the kind of pants you choose to wear)

These are some classic and handsome pairs of clothing articles that have been sported by celebrities in the past and have been repeated by us today. Check them out now from various online stores and for men’s underwear, look out for the collection at skiviez.com.

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Best Selling Good Devil G Strings Underwear Available At Skiviez

Good Devil g string

Being an outrageous brand, Good Devil has set a new trend by designing underwear styles which are aimed at steaming up the bedroom action. The collection designed by the brand has compelled men to switch from their normal classic briefs to a pair of sexy G string.  G strings for men designed by the brand are comfortable, barely there and stylish. They are the sexy underwear style for the modern men.

The ranges of G strings offered by the brand is not only sexy and stylish but also acts as a confidence booster for all those men who do not hesitate in dropping off their pants so as to show their manhood. The assortment of Gooddevil g-string is crafted using sheer, mesh, leather like fabric so as to allow men raise their sex appeal to a new level. The inventory is filled with G string underwear styles that leave you and your partner in awe of designs, patterns and cuts. The collection is for all those guys who are adventurous, bold and daring.

Listed below are some of the top selling G string underwear styles by the brand-

  • Good Devil Sheer Side G Strings

The sheer side G string is outrageous, hot and bold. With a drop like pouch, the sexy underwear style is crafted for wild fantasies. The thin elastic waistband lifts the crotch upfront. When exploring www.skiviez.com, you will be able to explore the style in numerous bright colors.

  • Good Devil Hose Mesh G String

The Hose Mesh g-string is a see through mesh underwear with skimpy pouch that holds just the necessary and leaves nothing to the imagination. Sexy low rise fit with erotic g-string rear.

  • Good Devil Lace G String

Lace G string by the brand is designed to bring out the feminine side of your personality. Sexy, smooth, semi see-through lace fabric falls soft on the privates and pampers the skin with love. The sexy classic G String rear is surely for the show.

  • Good Devil Net Split Back G String

The Net Split Back G string by Good Devil is tiny, smooth and extremely sexy. The contoured pouch with mesh panels covers just the needful on the front and provides a snug fit. The elastic waistband rests below the waistline.

  • Good Devil Pouch Wrap G-String

When the idea is to unwrap something exotic, Pouch Wrap g-string is the best, one can have. Opaque underwear with a sheer, gift wrap pouch for ultimate passion.

  • Good Devil Preview G-string Black/ Metallic Pouch

The preview G string by the brand is crafted for a wild action. Black metallic semi open pouches make it hard to ignore. Straps on the pouch reveal the manhood partially. Erotic rear leaves everything for the show.

Skiviez, the popular men’s underwear store online offers the right pair to let you show off your masculinity with men’s g string underwear. The inventory is full of products that will spice up your bedroom. The styles vary in terms of sensuous prints, colors and cuts that take your sex appeal to the next level. The range of fabric and colors available with brand Good Devil matches every personality and mood. They are vibrant, appealing and tasteful.

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