Calvin Klein Is 25 Percent Off During Semi-Annual Sale

Another quick note to say that the semi-annual Calvin Klein sale has started just in time for Father’s Day. Save 25% off all Calvin Klein products now, including the new colors and patterns that we got in stock last week. Finally, Hugo Boss is 25 percent off, too. We’re pulling out all the stops this year! The 2xist and DKNY semi-annual sale is still running through Father’s Day, so don’t miss out on those savings. We’ve also left Ed Hardy on sale, too. Related Stories: Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Full of Bold Styles and Sexy Detailing Kevin Baker in Calvin Klein – Caught On the Web New Calvin Klein Wear Your Style With Calvin Klein Trunk

2xist And DKNY Are 25 Percent Off During Semi-Annual Sale

Hey folks–just a quick note to say that both 2xist and DKNY are on sale for 25 percent off during the semi-annual sale. This only comes by twice a year so don’t miss out. Also, we’re still clearing out C-IN2 Bamboo at a whopping 50 percent off until we receive the new items in the next week or so. Happy shopping! Related Stories: 2xist Campus 2xist Fusion Has Arrived At Skiviez 2xist Sneak Peek 2xist Socks

Tales From the Search Logs – Part 1

Just like any other online business, our Web site monitors the search keywords and phrases that people typed into their favorite search engine to find us. (Don’t worry about privacy–this information isn’t linked to any personally identifiable information, and it’s just used for statistical purposes.) Boxer Underwear Search Log As you might imagine, some of the incoming search phrases can be a bit strange. Others ask genuine questions that we don’t immediately know the answer to. Just today, for example, I saw an incoming search for “what color boxer is most popular” whizz by on the log monitors. I thought that this was an interesting question, so I fired away a few statements at our database. Since boxers tend to come in lots of different plaid or print patterns, we’ve lumped most of them under a single color based on their dominant color. For example, 2xist’s Black Icicle Boxer shows....[Read More]

Save 25 Percent During Our Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Memorial Day Weekend Sale Just a quick note to those of you reading through your RSS readers: we’ve just finished putting up our Memorial Day Weekend sale. Clever, Ed Hardy, and Artificial Flavor are all 25 percent off now through the weekend. Also, the Kyle line continues to enjoy 25 percent off savings. Also still on sale is the DKNY Eco-Tech line. This is our first time putting Ed Hardy on sale since we started carrying the line. If you’ve never tried it before, then this sale is a great chance to add some high-quality underwear to your collection. Check out the Tiger Hip Brief; it’s gotten good reviews by underwear gurus around the Web. Be sure to check the Sale Items page as well as our Last Chance Closeouts page, where you can get deep discounts on items that we’re trying to move out of our warehouse. In order....[Read More]

Selecting The Right Men’s Underwear

Selecting the right underwear isn’t as hard as it may seem, but finding information about different men’s underwear styles and fabrics can be difficult because it isn’t something that most people frequently talk about. For you lucky readers, however, we’ll share a thing or two that we’ve learned from running a men’s underwear store. Do you even need help choosing? If you’ve found a brand, style, and fit that you like to wear, then go ahead and skip over this article. Stick with what you like–if you want to try something different, try a new color or pattern. We’re always getting the latest fashions and colors in stock. By adding our “New Products” feed to your RSS reader, you’ll always be the first to know when new inventory arrives. If you like the freedom of boxers, then this article might not be for you, either. Some guys like to hang....[Read More]

New C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear Coming Soon

New C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear Starting around the first of June, C-IN2 will re-launch Bamboo, their wildly popular line of men’s underwear. This new bamboo underwear features an updated logo waistband that prominently displays the C-IN2 logo. It’s also designed to wash and wear better. The updated fabric now features a blend of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo. This combination adds more structure to the fabric and makes it last longer and feel better. Not to be outdone by the new fabric, the updated “trophy shelf design” enhances the look and shape of your package making it noticeably fuller. The new bamboo will have an updated slider brief, a new slim cut trunk called the “punt,” an army trunk, and a new jock strap. All styles are updated and better than ever. Be sure to sign up for our email list–as soon as the new Bamboo lands in our warehouse, we’ll....[Read More]

How To Wear C-IN2 Sling Support Underwear

If you had told me several years ago that I would one day be writing an article about how to properly wear C-IN2 sling support underwear, then I would have immediately asked you three questions: Are you out of your mind? Why would I ever do such a thing? What in blue tarnations is “sling support underwear” and why and how would I wear it? While the answer to the first two questions still eludes me, I’ll be answering one of Skiviez’s most top-asked questions today: how to actually put on and wear C-IN2′s sling support underwear. Don’t be embarrassed by the fact that the usually quite simple act of wearing underwear has now defeated you–quite a few of our customers are positively mystified by the intimidating strap. But first, let’s talk a bit about the sling support line in general and what it’s meant to do. Wherefore “Sling Support”?....[Read More]

2xist Fusion Has Arrived At Skiviez

2xist Fusion Underwear 2(x)ist Fusion has just arrived here at Skiviez! We have the new 2xist Fusion No Show Brief, 2xist Fusion Trunk and the sexy 2xist Fusion Sport Brief. These are available in three hot new colors including crimson, black, and smoke. 2xist underwear has always combined sexy style and color into all of their men’s underwear and this line is no different. The fusions of different colors combined with a unique waistband, retro styling, and modern day fabrics make this underwear stand out from the rest. The microfiber is made from polyester and nylon and gives them stretch and comfort.  The no show brief, sport brief, and trunk all feature a pouch front for extra comfort as well.  For pop colors here are C-IN2 Spring 2008 Prints , Stay Tuned For Pop Colors. If you’re looking for what’s hot this summer in the world of underwear, don’t skip....[Read More]

C-IN2 Spring 2008 Prints Are Here, Stay Tuned For Pop Colors

C-IN2 Spring 2008 Underwear As we mentioned earlier in the week, the C-IN2 Spring 2008 prints have arrived! We’ve worked double-time to check them into inventory quickly so that you all can get them before anybody else over the weekend. We’ve got the “cubed” pattern and the “hatch” pattern, each of which comes in three unique colors. They’re a bit more subdued if you’re used to the bright colors of last fall’s honeycomb and brazuca patterns, but they still look great. Check out the C-IN2 collection now! We think that the cubed trunk is going to be an especially great seller. All of the C-IN2 Bamboo line is still on a 30% clearance sale, by the way. We’ve got to clear out inventory at these great discounts because the line’s being totally re-done this summer. Related Stories: C-IN2 Bamboo is now C-IN2 Zen and is now in stock C-IN2 Basics....[Read More]

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