What Is In A Name?

For all of the spelling aficionados out there who have been wondering why Skiviez is spelled the way it is, there is a very simple explanation: why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Skiviez is a unique spelling for a unique and modern company. Skivvies? While technically it is spelled correctly, it is not memorable. Skivies? A small misspelling, but a big bore. Besides, there is a lot to be said for spelling things phonetically. 2xist, for example, doesn’t waste any time or energy with the spelling of their hip name, and the logo looks much better on waistbands than “to exist” would. Go ahead – sound it out. “Sss…kih…veez.” I don’t hear an “s” sound at the end of that word. When all is said and done, however, it doesn’t matter how you spell greatness – skivies, skivvies, or skiviez – Skiviez is the only place you’re going....[Read More]

Baskit Beauties And Body Art Lines Are On Closeout

Beauties And Body Art Underwear Just a quick note to let everybody know that the Baskit Beauties and Body Art lines are on closeout for 25 percent off. The manufacturer isn’t producing any more, so this is your last chance to buy this underwear from Skiviez, one of the leading carriers of Baskit brand products on the Web today.   Baskit Body Art Grab a pair while you can! Related Stories: Baskit Pure Comfort Your Manhood With Baskit Ribbed Low Rise Trunk Levi Johnston Wearing Baskit For Playgirl On the Newsstand: Baskit seen in DNA #131

Skiviez Now Supports Google Checkout

In addition to allowing you to checkout with Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and PayPal, we’ve just finished adding support for Google Checkout. It’s just another one of the incremental improvements that we’re making to our Web site to better serve customers like you. There’s no additional fee for using Google Checkout, and using it is fast and easy. You’ll still receive helpful notification e-mails from our Web site but won’t have to re-type all of your personal or financial information during checkout. In fact, in our tests most customers can complete checkout via Google Checkout in less than thirty seconds! If you have suggestions for improvement for our Google Checkout integration, we’d love to hear from you. Just shoot us an e-mail at support@skiviez.com, and we’ll be happy to take your suggestions. Thanks for shopping at Skiviez! Related Stories: Join us this Saturday for the Skiviez Summer 2011....[Read More]

Skiviez Comes To The Rescue

Not only does Skiviez come to your aid with convenient shopping and shipping for your underwear needs, but we also save Hollywood movie producers. C-IN2 Tank Top C-IN2 was asked to provide square neck tanks for a movie being filmed in Canada, but they soon realized they were completely out of stock of this popular tank. They asked us here at Skiviez to help out in this last minute effort to ship our entire stock of these tank tops to the set of Death Race for actor Jason Statham. Statham, the star of the action-packed thriller, sported the flattering C-IN2 Square Neck Tank throughout the film thanks to the hard work behind the scenes here at Skiviez. While Death Race will not be in theatres until the end of the summer, we have plenty of C IN2 Square Neck Tanks in, so make sure you place your orders before we....[Read More]

UPS Shipping Options Are Now Available To Many Countries

You asked for more shipping options, and we listened. We’re proud to announce that we’ve integrated UPS shipping methods into our Web site and have made them available to many countries around the world. Some of our customers had told us that they prefer one carrier over another, and so now we give you options–in fact, our United States customers have a whopping nine shipping options to choose from. Our international customers can now choose a UPS Worldwide Expedited option, and Canadian customers can choose the UPS Worldwide Saver option as well. Happy shopping (and shipping)! Check out our shipping page to see what shipment methods are available for your country.

Calvin Klein Is 25 Percent Off During Semi-Annual Sale

Another quick note to say that the semi-annual Calvin Klein sale has started just in time for Father’s Day. Save 25% off all Calvin Klein products now, including the new colors and patterns that we got in stock last week. Finally, Hugo Boss is 25 percent off, too. We’re pulling out all the stops this year! The 2xist and DKNY semi-annual sale is still running through Father’s Day, so don’t miss out on those savings. We’ve also left Ed Hardy on sale, too. Related Stories: Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Full of Bold Styles and Sexy Detailing Kevin Baker in Calvin Klein – Caught On the Web New Calvin Klein Wear Your Style With Calvin Klein Trunk

2xist And DKNY Are 25 Percent Off During Semi-Annual Sale

Hey folks–just a quick note to say that both 2xist and DKNY are on sale for 25 percent off during the semi-annual sale. This only comes by twice a year so don’t miss out. Also, we’re still clearing out C-IN2 Bamboo at a whopping 50 percent off until we receive the new items in the next week or so. Happy shopping! Related Stories: 2xist Campus 2xist Fusion Has Arrived At Skiviez 2xist Sneak Peek 2xist Socks

Tales From the Search Logs – Part 1

Just like any other online business, our Web site monitors the search keywords and phrases that people typed into their favorite search engine to find us. (Don’t worry about privacy–this information isn’t linked to any personally identifiable information, and it’s just used for statistical purposes.) Boxer Underwear Search Log As you might imagine, some of the incoming search phrases can be a bit strange. Others ask genuine questions that we don’t immediately know the answer to. Just today, for example, I saw an incoming search for “what color boxer is most popular” whizz by on the log monitors. I thought that this was an interesting question, so I fired away a few statements at our database. Since boxers tend to come in lots of different plaid or print patterns, we’ve lumped most of them under a single color based on their dominant color. For example, 2xist’s Black Icicle Boxer shows....[Read More]

Save 25 Percent During Our Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Memorial Day Weekend Sale Just a quick note to those of you reading through your RSS readers: we’ve just finished putting up our Memorial Day Weekend sale. Clever, Ed Hardy, and Artificial Flavor are all 25 percent off now through the weekend. Also, the Kyle line continues to enjoy 25 percent off savings. Also still on sale is the DKNY Eco-Tech line. This is our first time putting Ed Hardy on sale since we started carrying the line. If you’ve never tried it before, then this sale is a great chance to add some high-quality underwear to your collection. Check out the Tiger Hip Brief; it’s gotten good reviews by underwear gurus around the Web. Be sure to check the Sale Items page as well as our Last Chance Closeouts page, where you can get deep discounts on items that we’re trying to move out of our warehouse. In order....[Read More]

Selecting The Right Men’s Underwear

Selecting the right underwear isn’t as hard as it may seem, but finding information about different men’s underwear styles and fabrics can be difficult because it isn’t something that most people frequently talk about. For you lucky readers, however, we’ll share a thing or two that we’ve learned from running a men’s underwear store. Do you even need help choosing? If you’ve found a brand, style, and fit that you like to wear, then go ahead and skip over this article. Stick with what you like–if you want to try something different, try a new color or pattern. We’re always getting the latest fashions and colors in stock. By adding our “New Products” feed to your RSS reader, you’ll always be the first to know when new inventory arrives. If you like the freedom of boxers, then this article might not be for you, either. Some guys like to hang....[Read More]

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