Is G-String Underwear Advantageous for your Personality?

Is G-String Underwear Advantageous for your Personality | Skiviez Did you ever think that something so skimpy and minimal like g-string would be available for men? Earlier this week we (me and my friends) headed to the city to shop something for our Valentines. Not specifically for that, but he had to do shopping for our basic needs as well. Hence, we went hunting for clothes as well. What caught our attention at the store was that men were opting for a slinky, skimpy and barely there men’s underwear style. When my curiosity grew more, I went closer to take a better view of what exactly some of them were opting for. Hence, they were considering whether they should buy thong underwear or g-strings. Looks like the world is catching up trends quite fast. Though it time for men to consider these minimal fabric sexy underwear styles, but finally things are changing, priorities are changing. But the question is-....[Read More]

Good Devil Zoom Thongs- Review

Good Devil Zoom Thongs- Review | Skiviez If you watched the video you’d be thorough with what it talks about. The video was posted on YouTube by a reviewer who put forward a review of the bestseller product by Good Devil named the Zoom Thongs. The reviewer details about the products in brief and starts by telling that these male thongs are made in Columbia. He then also compares the product with the Joe Snyder Bulge range of sexy underwear. With a closer look of the product, the reviewer focuses on the pouch of the apparel which features extra space for the manhood to take its place without losing the comfort aspect. The enhancing underwear front is what lifts the manhood to make it more visible even in the pants. The product once flipped, he focuses on the back fabric which is minimal and diminishes between the butt flaps once worn. The waistband is not very broad....[Read More]

Valentine’s Day- Pre-Date Grooming Guide

Valentine’s Day- Pre-Date Grooming Guide |Skiviez So, you’ve known the facts about the day of love as well as about the various symbols that you’d find all around you during this time, it finally time to focus on yourself. If you really want to make a bolder mark and leave a lasting impression, you must start a grooming regime now to be prepped by the Valentine’s Day. Beauty regimes also take the time to bring out the best in you. Hence, start early to get the best glow for the important day on the calendar. This blog would lay out the grooming tips that will make you shine like a daisy on the day when it is essential. Work on the oily skin This is not a hidden fact that men’s skin is two-times oilier than women’s. Moreover, the stress of making the day actually work would enhance the oil production in the skin and that....[Read More]

Valentine’s Day- What do the Symbols Mean?

Valentine’s Day- What do the Symbols Mean | Skiviez Have you heard about the different symbols of love? Hearts?? Cupid?? Anything else?? Well, love itself is a symbol of your relationship. However, the day of love i.e., Valentine’s Day has a number of symbols with their specific meanings as well. This blog is more or less a continuation of the blog we wrote about the facts of Valentine’s Day. This one talks about the various symbols of the day of love that’ll enlighten you with the day in a better way. Hearts The very symbol that you’ll see around yourself specifically throughout the Valentine Week is hearts. Whether you head towards the busiest streets of your town or the most remote areas, hearts are visible. Why so? Well, this has a legend attached to it! It was a long time ago when people felt that all the emotions- good, bad, which also includes love. Hence, that’s where the hearts....[Read More]

Men’s Underwear as Gifts- What to Consider?

Men’s Underwear as Gifts |Skiviez If you didn’t know that men’s underwear makes the best of gifts, you’ll know it in this blog. Till then, haven’t you felt the luckiest when you received lingerie as a gift from the person you love? Well, that’s exactly how men feel when you present them with their basic clothing articles. However, just as men do their homework before buying something for you, you too should figure out certain things before launching the hunt for an ideal gift. Which style of underwear? Men have a funny relationship with their fashion underwear. They love how these tiny pieces make them feel but they wouldn’t have the patience to buy new ones for themselves. Men would only spare time on either Christmas or when the old ones have been through all trials and tribulations. In addition, if you buy them a wrong style, for example, a thong underwear person is given....[Read More]

Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps

Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps | Skiviez You might not be a big fan of men’s jockstrap underwear and probably think that these should have been long gone. But, that’s what not happened and we’re glad about it! Men worldwide have been looking up to the men’s underwear style in order to find support, protection and sex appeal below the belt. If you haven’t been the jockstrap person, you should start considering it as an option now. This blog would lay out a few great reasons why the exotic underwear is making a comeback, and you should get on the bandwagon. Exceptional Support The very first reason for which one can consider adopting the respective style is for their undying support below the belt. The first pair was made in the late 1800s for bicycle delivery boys for the sole reason- to keep their manhood in its place! Movement is not what they desired while they moved....[Read More]

4 Things to Know Before Opting for Calvin Klein Underwear

4 Things to Know Before Opting for Calvin Klein Underwear | Skiviez Formed or established in the year 1968, the pioneer fashion label Calvin Klein has come a long way crossing all the obstacles with a positive attitude and never dying approach. With the aim of reforming the fashion industry, Calvin Klein Underwear was introduced for men. With the sexual and scintillating advertisements, the label caught the notice and since then, there’s no looking back for the high-end designer underwear label. This blog lays down the 5 things that every man and woman (who shop for their man) must know before opting for Calvin Klein Underwear. The collection Calvin Klein apparel style assortment has a wide array of men's fashion underwear products that are perfect for every type of style and personality. There are pieces which are modern and unique, peppy and sensuous, sexy and stylish, as well as comfortable and functional. The designer's venture in the underneath fashion line CK is....[Read More]

Novelty Underwear- Perfect for Valentine’s Day?

Novelty Underwear- Perfect for Valentine’s Day | Skiviez Florists probably are the luckiest on either Christmas or Valentine’s Day because that’s exactly when they are the richest. With the day of love not quite far, both men and women would have started preparing for the big celebration. If gifts are on your mind (which should be), male underwear is what you should consider. Talking about underneath fashion, not the regular apparel styles would do because it is no ordinary day. What is that makes it perfect for the occasion? The collection of men’s novelty underwear is what completes the actual meaning of gifting or even buying for yourself (you know where it all ends after all). What is novelty underwear? Novelty pieces are those which are not meant to be worn every day. They’re made in a way that only special occasions deserve them. With a collection of varied designs, you’d find a lot of reasons to show....[Read More]

5 Facts about Valentine’s Day worth knowing

5 Facts about Valentine’s Day worth knowing | Skiviez “Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.” - Leo Tolstoy The day of love is not very far and with the date approaching quick, you must be all prepared with the list of gifts that you’ll be picking up. However, do know where Valentine’s Day actually started? Well, it started back in the Roman time when a Martyr named Valentinus, in who’s memory the day was celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine’s. Well, there are many other did you know facts that you must know about the Valentine’s Day. We’ve come up with 5 facts that can be an eye opener for you all. Let’s see them below. Valentine’s Day is time for highest number of wedding proposals Did you propose your partner on Valentine’s Day? Well, if you did....[Read More]

Men’s Bikini Underwear- Do’s and Dont’s

Men’s Bikini Underwear- Do’s and Dont’s | Skiviez You might think that choosing bikini underwear is no task, but then it is definitely not a cake walk for first timers. You need to have knowledge about all its aspects and features including how it looks and much more than that. Since it is considered to be the shorter version of men’s brief underwear, men take it too lightly and pick up anything without knowing if it’ll suit them or not. This blog would lay out the do’s and dont’s every man must take care of while shopping the respective men’s underwear style. DO’S Pick the right variant With a variety of variants available at, you must choose something that suits your body type. Variants refers to the variety of cuts available in the sexy underwear style. Whether you choose the string bikini or low rise bikinis, is it Brazilian cut right for you or pouch enhancing ones,....[Read More]

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