8 Effective fashion moves that work

8 Effective fashion moves that work There is no doubt in the fact that a man needs to dress well if he really wants to set across his plan of action, attractiveness and also the charisma. For all the confidence that he needs, dressing spot is what he needs to focus on. Sometimes there are those fashion hacks which every guy needs to see visible results but putting them into action is also what one must consider. It’s all about what you choose and how you wear them. In an office set up where I work, we did a study that compared both highly fashionable men, average ones and the ones who shifted their entire focus on their work rather than considering how they look as well. The results were quite correct that when you focus on yourself first and then get down to giving your 100% to work, the results are fab. You get both....[Read More]

4 Effortless ways to raise the bar of your happiness

4 Effortless ways to raise the bar of your happiness Life is not always about sunshine and rainbows but there’ll always be gray clouds of anxiety, sadness and stressful days. What matters is how you tackle those dark times and come out with that big smile on your face. We know that every situation bring along a lot of side effects that take away your smile and that boost of energy but that’s what we all call life. It is all about how you combat your day-to-day problems and come out as a sole survivor from them. Who doesn’t look out for happiness in their life? The straightforward answer to this would be ‘yes’! However, what do you do in order to attain that level of happiness? We’ve compiled some tips to raise the bar of your happiness without putting in a lot of effort. Make out Having a sizzling love life is helps a lot on the different grounds....[Read More]

Why your wardrobe should include these underwear styles?

Why your wardrobe should include these underwear styles If you take a look at my closet, you’ll find everything in place when it comes to outfits. However, my thongs, briefs, and even socks are all in together in one drawer. You can call it laziness or a secret to being a creative person, but I find my stuff easily and that’s exactly what I want from my top drawer in return. Whatever I am looking for is easily available in the same place- no matter if it is my sexiest g-string underwear for my erotic moments or boxers for the trip to the grocery store (yes!! I cook myself). However, there are still some men’s underwear styles that make him prepared for every situation. Don’t they? Well, that’s why we’re here for you and below mentioned are your fashion-armory for every situation. Lace underwear Fancy tank tops might get a bad review from some but see through underwear....[Read More]

A complete Guide to Men’s Enhancement Underwear

R356_A complete Guide to Men's Enhancement Underwear_CM_Article_31Mar Right from the classic tighty-whitey, boxers and briefs to the modern styles of men’s bikini and thong, the underneath fashion has evolved a lot. It seems like there are more options in the underneath category for men now than ever before. If facts are to be believed loincloth was the first ever pull-on underpants worn by human beings. The undergarment made of leather was later replaced baggy drawers called ‘braies’. As per Wikipedia, modern men’s underwear, that is boxer shorts, was invented in the year 1920s. It was then followed by brief underwear, men's bikini, boxer briefs and other modern cuts like men's thongs and g-strings. The infographic shows the transitions witnessed by underwear styles over the period of time. The array of men’s underwear is an amalgamation of varied styles namely boxer shorts, briefs, boxers briefs and others. However, the underneath fashion industry has seen an abrupt shift in....[Read More]

No Shirt, No Shoes! But Swimwear?

No Shirt, No Shoes! But Swimwear All excited about heading to the beach for the summer vacations this year? Well, beaches are the equally popular destinations where people head to with mountains being the counterpart. Why do you head to these spots? Well, there are numerous reasons for which you opt for beaches over other spots. Water, calmness, and composure that you lack in the cities are what you’ll get near the water. Have you prepared the list of you’re going to carry to the destination? Well, if you haven’t, you should read blogs on what to carry on a beach holiday. What’s most the important thing to carry at the beach? Is it your shirt? Or your shoes? I would say- the most important item you should have on your list are the pairs of men’s swimwear you doing to be wearing there. Now, you might say, why is the swimwear the most important item?....[Read More]

The internet has lost its collective mind over funny underwear quotes

Funny underwear quotes I am sure I am not alone who laughs around sometimes thinking how times have changed our men’s underwear. Well, there’s no doubt that with time, the styles, cuts, as well as other features have also evolved. Life is not only about briefs anymore...in fact, it is about a lot more things than you would have ever thought. Earlier this week, I was looking out for new pairs of fashion underwear online for Easter and just came across something really. As a result, I was too prompted to go ahead and find all the funny underwear quotes and sayings as well as jokes that people have shared on the internet about men’s unmentionables. I was too intrigued and thought you guys too would like to share the laugh with me. Hence, jump on the bandwagon with me and take a few minutes out for these awesomely hilarious images below. Like....[Read More]

Dancing with the star : “Most memorable year” for Nick

Dancing with the star: “Most memorable year” for Nick Do you sit with a bucket of popcorn and a glass of drink to watch Dancing with the stars, or am I the only one? What has really caught my attention this season is the performance of Nick Viall. The progress that he has shown is a proof that he won’t let it go. Whether it was the Cha-cha-cha in the first week or the Rumba in the fourth one, every performance can be considered to be at par. In fact, the fourth week of this season was one of the best so far. The contestant was asked to dance on a song that represents the most memorable year of his/her life. This theme was probably the most thoughtful one till date. I have been a long-standing watcher of a lot of dance reality shows, but this theme was kinda unique. As expected, Nick chose to act out the year....[Read More]

Things nobody told you about g-string

Things nobody told you about g-string I remember the first time I saw a pair of g-string when one of my female friends dropped open her suitcase while we were traveling together. It was the discovery moment for me because I had never seen something like this before. They looked absolutely stunning at first! I never saw them again until when I was looking forward to buying a pair of men’s underwear for myself. I was awestruck for a moment and kept on thinking- when did they start designing g-string underwear for men? I stood there waiting for 13 flat minutes and was too tempted to have one for myself. Since then, I am a changed person who can wear any fashion underwear style without thinking a lot about it. From my personal experience and some others which have been shared with me, let me share with you some things that no one told you about.....[Read More]

Wanna look better? – 6 Hacks

Wanna look better? - 6 Hacks If you really want to know how to look more handsome, you should set ablaze all the fashion magazine now. Well, they are those which ask you to shop numerous kinds of clothes. However, if you really want to look good in what you have, all you need are a few hacks which are both practical and functional. What you don’t need are those numerous articles that keep you shopping newer articles and all you need is that focus on yourself. With everything that’s there in your closet (and your habits too), and the way you keep yourself is all you need to look just fab. What are those hacks? Find the practical way to handsomeness below. 1. Work on your hygiene The basic of how you look is how you treat yourself. And, that starts from your hygiene! No one likes to sit next to someone who smells of....[Read More]

My wardrobe: what you can learn?

My wardrobe: what you can learn | Mensuas You know when it comes to fashion and style, we’re all about practicality. That’s the reason why we have to clean the closet for every changing season. Obviously! Can you wear your leather jacket in summer days? Or, can you stay in your tank top in the chilly winter evenings? When you cannot do any of the above, you need to make the most of your wardrobe and keep switching for the better. I’ve been blogging about men’s fashion and men’s underwear in specific for a while now but finally, I’m taking this a step further and showcasing you my own closet and my wardrobe collection. For men who find it difficult to segregate their clothing articles and their accessories in the cupboard, this is going to help you find your long lost pieces that have been stuck deep inside and you had no courage to look out for it.....[Read More]

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